The San Miguel starts above Telluride and works it’s way through the town and out west before it drains into the Dolores River.  It holds some ample fishing opportunities for both the beginner angler and the expert.  You can catch all four kinds of trout in these waters and fish are small with the occasional larger trout being found amongst the eager trout.  There is a good mix of techinical water and easy access.  The river is filled with caddis and stoneflies making the fish willing to eat nymphs and dries with only a little encouragement.  The river is gorgeous and flows right through the town of Telluride making it a great place to fish while in the area.  It’s fishable from late March to October most years making it possible to ski and fly fish in the same day.  With the opportunity to cast and shred in the same day plus find some sizeable fish, this is a great destination for any angler.