St Louis Creek is another great small creek option for the winter park area on the upper colorado river basin.  The creek is diverse in it’s scenery and waters and has beaver dams, fast water, willow lined banks and open meadow areas as it makes its way downstream into the town of Fraser and connects with the fraser river itself.

Though you get some pressure in the more accessible spots, with a little effort you can avoid people all day and not see a soul.  Slowly wading up the river in the river practicing bow and arrow casts, and other short line techniques makes for a fun day throwing at eager brook trout.

There are several creeks around this same area like Vazquez Creek and Crooked creek that are similar and worth exploring as well if you want to cover a lot of water.  With over 10 miles of fishable water on St Louis creek alone, there is plenty of water to explore in the winter park area.