The St. Vrain is a smaller creek that runs into the front range town of Lyons.  Most of the fishable water for trout starts in Lyons and then heads upstream.  The water is mixed private and public so access takes some exploring, but there is ample places to fish if you take a look at the map.  You can catch brook trout in the upper reaches as well as cutthroat.  As the water moves downstream you’ll begin to see browns and rainbows take dominance.  This is a river where you never know what you’ll get as you fish.  In addition, there are some designated wild trout waters on the North Fork that provide anglers with an opportunity to catch exclusively wild trout.  Extra care on landing and releasing these fish is important.  Barbless lures and catch and release quickly and safely.  Refer to our catch and release resources below.

The St. Vrain is an excellent river that is close and will allow you to catch some small fish that are in some of the more beautiful locations in the front range.

North Fork Section

The North fork is partially in Rocky Mountain National Park and accessible in the Wild Basin area.  This area is fun but requires a pass for RMNP.  Down below you can access the wild trout waters below hwy 7 with a hike.  You can also fish the lesser known tailwater called button rock on the north fork that can be fished year round if the flows are managed.  Flows can get low on this area and the fish count is lower than desired but still a fun place to hike and fish when you get the time.  The North fork is also accessible from off hwy 36 as you get out of lyons in a few places, though it is limited.

Middle Fork Section

The Middle fork and south fork come together along hwy 7 and from the confluence downstream into the town of lyons there is decent fishing and access.  You can also access this from the peak to peak hwy for a while as well.  There are a few pull offs and the fishing is tight quartered with more willows and branches to find than beginners will appreciate.  A good place for solitude nearby with little pressure.  The town section in Lyons is loaded with fish and fun, but you have to compete with the noise of a town which some don’t like.  I do best here in the late evening after I’ve had a few beers at the local oskar blues restaraunt and pub!

South Fork Section

The South Fork is accessible off the peak to peak hwy and the brainard lake road.  The fish are small but fun in this section and there are some good trailheads to access some of the water and some high mountain lakes all in the same day making it a fun adventure.