Some of the biggest fish in the state can be found in the Taylor river catch and release waters.  This is by far the most popular section yet not all that the Taylor has to offer.  In the lower sections, the river has some of the highest fish counts in the state and above the reservoir there is pristine and beautiful trout waters to enjoy including several tributaries that create the reservoir.  Below the reservoir, you can catch browns, rainbows, cutthroat and cutbows of all different sizes.  Above you can catch bows, browns and brookies in the upper sections.  The best part about this area is if the fishing isn’t good on the Taylor, you have dozens of other rivers and creeks to fish.  This makes it a premier destination to fish and explore.

Tips for the Tailwater

Mysis shrimp on the tailwater are available to fish but only for about 1/2 mile below the reservoir.  Other than that, the standard hatches in Colorado like stoneflies, mayflies, caddis and midges exist on the Taylor depending on the time of year.  There are often spinner falls that happen in the pm that require a delicate presentation.  It’s best to come prepared with a variety of sizes and colors if you’re gonna dry fly fish.  Nymphing consists primarily of midges and mysis though several other flies work during the right time of year.  The more natural you can make your drift the better and taking off the strike indicator is a good idea to get down deep and get a natural drift.  The pros catch the big fish this way, and with some practice you can too.

Lower Section Access

You can float the lower river if the flows are high enough and hiring a guide can make for an excellent day.  Most of the lower river is private but there is some public access that is clearly marked along the river if you explore up to the dam.

Tailwater Access

There is plenty of parking in the tailwater section but it can get crowded and for good reason.  Access is right below the dam and you can’t miss it if you travel there.

Upper Access

There is plenty of national forest fishing access above the res and plenty of the creeks have fishable areas and trout in them.  Explore and find some privacy and seclusion up in this area!