Vasquez creek is one of my favorite, close to home fisheries if I’m looking for a day away from the stress of the city in a fresh, cold mountain stream chasing eager trout and lots of numbers.  While most fish here won’t exceed 12 inches, you’ll be hard pressed not to get into the double digits with a single dry fly floated in a drag free method.  Trout are easy to catch here due to lower pressure and much of the river is tough to access unless you bushwack and fish straight up the river hitting spots along the way.  For the small creek enthusiast who likes tight casts and bow and arrow pin point casts, this is your cup of tea.  For those who are new to the sport, you may find a little more open river like the Fraser or the Colorado a bit further north and west is a better option.

While mostly a brook trout fishery, there are opportunities for all four species of trout and the more water you cover at different elevations, the better chance you have to catch the grand slam.  It’s a fun creek with lots of opportunity.  Watch out for moose, get ready to bushwack and bring the lightest, shortest rod you have for best success.