The White river is a fun and distant freestone river that has pristine access to the flattops wilderness.  You can catch rainbow, brown, cutthroat, cutbows and whitefish through most of the river.  Though the river holds mostly 12-16” fish, those willing to explore can find some large fish.  They seem to be migratory and some years are present and other years not as much.  You can find fish pushing 20” if you put your time in, though most of the action will be healthy, hard fighting fish in the 12-18.  Nymphing and dry flies work best throughout the season up here and the water is fishable from spring to fall.  This river is very delicate and requires special care when fishing to preserve it’s waters.  As it is getting more crowded these days it holds less appeal than it did 10 years ago.

That said, there are many access points that are available to the angler including the town of Meeker, Sleepy cat and the South Fork Campground and Trappers lake up on the North Fork.

South Fork Fishing

Tons of fishable access is available above the campground and holds some pristine water where you can catch all kinds of trout and whitefish.  It’s worth the trip for the beauty alone, however it’s important to be safe and bring protection from bears, they are very prevelant up in this area and it’s true wilderness that isn’t travelled to often.  Pack accordingly and come prepared for what colorado wilderness offers.