The Yampa river is nestled up in Steamboat springs and contains plenty of access right through town and a great tailwater up by stagecoach.  Though the river is no secret, it holds a good number of photo worthy fish that will fight hard and wild giving you a great tug on your fly rod and providing great fishing for beginners to experts alike.  The tailwater section below stagecoach going into Sarvis SWA holds the most fish and largest fish, but also the most people.  Further down above the town of steamboat and below steamboat holds good trout water with less pressure.  The tubers can get a little annoying in town, so if you encounter the notorious tube hatch during summer go up stream of town.  The section above town doesn’t allow tubers or boats to float giving wade fishermen full access to the river.  Dry flies, nymphs and streamers work great on this river and there are plenty of great hatches to enjoy throughout the year.  There’s always something going on in this river and the trout always seem to be working.  The town of steamboat is a blast too so if you’re on a family trip, you have a good chance to keep the kids busy while you get out for a little angling.