The Upper Section of the Arkansas River becomes braided and windy as it moves through hayden meadows.  This section usually produces more consistently than all the other sections after run off.  The fish seem less educated and easier to fool overall.  They aren’t as big in this section but they are a blast to catch.  Dry-droppers work best in this section or a two-rig-nymph setup if you can’t find fish to eat a dry.  Don’t be afraid to throw dry flies even if you don’t see a hatch.  Commonly people only throw dry flies when they see naturals on the water, and they miss out on most of the season “waiting for the hatch” instead of looking for opportunistic trout to feed.

Loaded with rainbows and browns, the hayden meadows and upper headwaters of the Arkansas river is an excellent place to fish for a day or weekend.  With ample camping around and several feeder creeks nearby like Tennessee creek or cottonwood creek or clear creek, you can always find some fishing in the area and is a great place to visit.  The Collegiate peaks are nearby which create an amazing backdrop to your fishing experience and makes a day up there a joy no matter how many fish you catch.