Bear Creek is very accessible and perfect for day trips or weekend trips where you don’t want to fish the same water everyday. There isn’t any camping along the creek and it’s really something you drive to and return from every day. This is great for those who live along the front range and are looking for a quick day trip. 30 – 60 minutes of a drive and you can be slaying the brown trout all day long.

The Lower Section is everything below Lair of the Bear all the way to the confluence with the South Platte in town.  You can fish a good amount of this water and the fishing can be very productive.  The canyon section is higher gradient and has mostly pocket water though there are a surprising amount of holes and runs in this section and a lot of fish to be found.  The town of Morrison holds some very open and accessible water.  Park anywhere and fish they are all over this section but do receive more pressure given the easy access.  If you are going out with the family, this is a great section because they can enjoy the shops, drinks, and ice cream while you catch a few trout.  The section below Bear Creek Reservoir doesn’t have as many fish, but if you are looking for a little urban fly fishing, you can find some fish down in this section all the way to the Confluence with the South Platte.