The Canyon Section of Clear Creek is a great place to get away for a day trip or even a few hours after work.  It’s only 30-40 minutes from the Denver Metro Area and holds a surprising amount of fish for the amount of pressure it receives.  During the weekends, the pull offs are pretty full but not all of them are fishing.  With over 10 miles of fishable water in the canyon, even on a crowded day you can find water to yourself.   This section is higher gradient than the upper section, but still holds a bunch of holes and runs.  Fish ranging from 3” – 18” can be found in this section, though most of the fish over 15” get eaten by anglers looking for a meal instead of an experience.

Midges, BWO, Caddis, and Stoneflies all live in this section and hatch at their given times in the year.  It is not a difficult river to catch fish and most beginners find good success on this section.  Experienced anglers can land over 50 fish in a day without much trouble and makes it a fun place to try new techniques, fly patterns or just spend a relaxing day finding success and trout. That said, the river has a on and off personality. Weather impacts temps which impacts bugs. If you aren’t finding fish, try a new location as different sections will behave differently even on the same day.

There is a new river walk being built in the upper canyon that makes it highly accessible and easy to bike or walk to a lot more water that used to be difficult to access.  Try fishing near the tunnels and hiking around them where the river leads the road.  These places are less often fished and it makes the fishing even easier and gives a chance at bigger fish as well.

The North Fork of Clear Creek runs through Blackhawk and though the fishing isn’t as productive, it is somewhere you can fish and gamble, which is pretty rare anywhere you go :).  I don’t think they allow wet waders in the casinos however, so bring a change of clothes.  There are some brook trout up in the further reaches as well.

Lastly, there is the town section which provides even quicker access right in Golden.  During the summer, tubers and kayakers dominate this area, but as the flows drop below 125 cfs, you see a lot less people on the water and more wading it.  This is a good time to get a hopper-dropper or dry-dropper rig and find some eager fish right in town.  Fishing for trout is decent from I-70 upstream to the canyon.  Most of the trout are caught right in the town of Golden above Coors brewing however.