Ruby Anthracite Creek takes some effort to reach, but provides one of the most accurate Colorado fly fishing experiences to enjoy.  Beautiful mountains surrounding you on Kebler Pass, dirt road access, gorgeous river teaming with brown, rainbow and brook trout (though mostly brook) and a dynamic and difficult enough river to keep your interest without skunking you on the trout.  I loved fishing this river on my trip over Kebler Pass and found the fishing to be spectacular, though challenging.

Usually brook trout water high up in the mountains will allow you to throw any fly, even poorly aimed and you will get them to come up and eat.  This river was different.  These trout needed flies right on their noses and were only taking nymphs the two days I was there.  Once I was able to figure out the pattern and the depth needed to catch the fish, it went from a 2 fish day to a 30+ fish day in a matter of hours.

If you make the journey out to this river and the surrounding area, you won’t be short of places to fish, but bring an attitude equal to the challenge this creek brings and keep an eye out for moose, bear and lion as this is prime habitat for all of them.  By far, this was one of my favorite, off the path places to fish around Crested Butte on my journey and I’d make some time for it if I were you in the area.

Bring a variety of heavy and light nymphs and some common dries as well.  I found the fish to be specific, but not picky.  They were willing to eat a variety of things, but it was nearly every cast once you found the “right bug” for the day. I hope you can experience the same success!