Most don’t know about this river because of it’s neighbor stream, the Blue river.  The Blue has some large fish and easy access making the snake a place where you don’t see as many anglers.  Nearly all public from the inlet on Dillion reservoir up into the town of montezuma.  The river suffers from mining upstream, but the DoW stocks some big trout in here every year so while you are throwing for smaller trout, you may just find a brute at the end of your line.  This makes it fun since you don’t know what you’re gonna get on each cast.  The water is gorgeous and access is easy as it’s mostly right through the town of Keystone.  Enjoy this option in the Dillion area when you can’t take the crowds on the Blue.

While this river is mostly public, watch for private property signs intermittent.  There is plenty of access and using onx maps will help you easily navigate what you can and can’t fish.  Through town it all looks private on OnX maps, but find some places to park, avoid the golf course area and there is quite a bit you can fish in there that is available.