The North Fork of the Gunnison is mostly private except for right around the confluence where you can access the river on one of two sides at Pleasure Park.  From there, work your way up or downstream as desired.  It’s a large river and you really only fish one side of the river.  Fishing can be decent to great depending on the day with mostly brown trout and some rainbows in the 12 – 20” range.

A lot of stoneflies are in this river and a rubberleg stonefly of any kind will often be a top producing fish.  Dry flies can work well when a hatch is active here, however, most times I find nymphing is most productive.  Top colorado flies like the rainbow warrior, mercury midge, mercury baetis, copper john, pats rubberleg, prince nymph etc. will all do well here.

For those who like to fish bigger rivers and find some healthy trout, the north fork of the gunnison in pleasure park is a great destination!