South Clear Creek of the Rio Grande River is one of those overlooked gems of a river as there is so much fishable water around including the mighty Rio Grande and North Clear Creek.  This place is loaded with trout and has a variety of fishing opportunities.  Brown Lakes and the creek flowing through it gives a meadow experience where stealth will yield success and the lower canyon area of south clear creek is tight and tough to fish, but holds its rewards as well.

A bunch of trout can be caught in every hole so don’t overlook any rock or seam.  You’ll only need a couple casts and then try a different spot.  There is great diversity of trout in these rivers and makes it fun cause you don’t know what you’ll land.

Standard dry dropper rigs will produce fish here.  Parachute adams, elk hair caddis, hares ears and copper johns are all going to work fine.  There’s lots of bugs in the river and a strong mahogany dun hatch during the summer months as well.  Presentation should be drag free and if you’re in the meadows without any cover, it’s best to be on your knees to not spook the trout, especially when the flows are lower.

It’s a great spot to enjoy and fish with ample camping and other activities around.  The whole family can enjoy this trip and the anglers in particular.