The South Fork is a unique section of the Rio Grande drainage.  The main river of the Rio is much larger and fished best from a boat, but the south fork amidst the private property has some great and very wadeable areas for the angler without oars.

The South Fork of the Rio Grande has some gorgeous water and though it’s right off the road for the majority of the river, once you get on the stream the river drowns out the road and allows for some fun fishing.  Access along the river isn’t hard to find, but walking along the river can be tough since it’s near the road.  A variety of rainbow and brown trout are caught here and can be less crowded than surrounding gold medal waters on the main fork of the rio grande.

Dry fly fishing is always a great option during the summer months and while nymphing can take many fish as well, this is just a great place to throw a dry.  Fish will need a good presentation and if you know how to throw a good pile cast on a still day, you’ll be able to find some great eats.  A little longer leader can help get a better drift, 9ft leaders with an extra 1-2ft of tippet added to the end will underpower the fly and make it land with a little slack which can help on this river.  4wt – 6wt rods are perfect for this medium sized river.  The fish aren’t overly picky if you get size and color right, so choose your favorite flies that match the hatches below for the time of year you’re going and you should be able to find some fun fish to catch.

When I was there in early July, I got a great green drake hatch for a couple hours and landed over 20 fish in just a short amount of time in a short section.  Fish are in every nook and cranny in the river, so don’t over look any water that could hold a trout.  A couple casts are all you need to fool them or just move on.

Overall it’s a great place to spend the day and you’ll find some enjoyable water to fish that resembles the crystal river in both size and fishing success.