The canyon section of Cochetopa creek is closer to Gunnison than the main section and takes on a geographic change that changes the fishing experience substantially.  The brown and rainbow trout are mostly the same size, but the gradient of the river increases and it takes on the normal characteristics of canyon stretch of a river.

Lots of pocket water with some deeper holes and a mix of fast and slow water depending on the debris in the water is what you can expect in the river.  The river has pretty dense foliage on the banks and bushwacking is part of the game in the canyon.  This makes it a bit harder to fish and access but the fishing is slightly better due to the difficulty in access.  There are some gems in this section and you can get some great solitude here despite being right off the road.  Get knee deep in the water and you won’t even hear the cars occasionally passing by!

Fly selection is similar to main section of Cochetopa creek and a dry dropper set up is often the best go to rig.  Depending on the time of year, you can expect to do will with a copper john dropper and an elk hair caddis.  Fish don’t seem to be too picky in this section so you just need a decent presentation and some time on the river and you should find some fish.

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