Pass Creek is truly a creek for the veteran angler. This creek is really, really small and requires an immaculate presentation to extremely spooky fish. A 6-inch brown trout is truly a trophy on this tiny creek. The upper reaches of Pass Creek require moving through a series of backroads that aren’t well depicted in a lot of cases. Braiding quite a bit near of its confluence with Willow Creek, the lower reaches of this creek provide many excellent opportunities to present your fly to very spooky fish. Even anglers of Expert skill can expect to get beat here on Pass Creek. Whether you hit the windy backroads in an epic pursuit of small, invigorating, wild trout or simply cast your fly into a few holes to test your skill, Pass Creek has an opportunity for you to grow as an angler.

Pair lower Pass Creek with Willow Creek to test your skill a bit while enjoying the accessible, fun fishing Willow Creek has to offer.