The Smith Fork of the Gunnison is one of the least accessible forks of the river due to hike in and private property issues.  While there is enough area for a small group of anglers to cover in a day or two, there isn’t much beyond that.  Fishing the few times I’ve been there have been decent and if you enjoy chasing new waters and solitude, Smith fork is a good option.  bush-whacking is a must as the foliage is thick.  Lots of pinyon pine and sage brush and thickets.  Watch for cattle too, especially if you bring an off-leash pet.

Dry dropper seems to be the best option to cover this water, while some deeper pools leave opportunities for nymphing or euro-nymphing options. Bring two rods, or a modular set up that allows for both options is a good idea.  Be stealthy as you fish, though these fish don’t get fished much, they do seem to be spooky with the often clear water.  Early summer is the best time to fish the area after run-off and rainy season ends but before the water gets too low.  If temps are high in fall and it’s been a low water year, please check temps or avoid this creek as low water and high temps will kill fish that you catch.  Enjoy the gem of solitude!