Beaver Creek of the Gunnison River is a really excellent stream for beginner and intermediate anglers looking to have an awesome day.The fish in Beaver Creek are very abundant and relatively easy to fool. During periods of high water flow, the confluence of Beaver Creek and the Gunnison can provide excellent fishing for better-than-average size fish. Anglers should use caution wading during highwater as currents may be very strong here.  There aren’t many obstacles to anglers here and you can expect to see fish and have a good chance at catching them. Sometimes frequented by guides, Beaver Creek can draw some crowds because of its reputation for continually producing good-fishing days. You can’t go wrong by trying to fish Beaver Creek and this is one that every angler should fish. In the event Beaver Creek is crowded, or isn’t the place for you, there are tons of alternate options in the area that will provide easy access and great fishing.