The headwaters of the fraser is a fun spot and one of the closest spots to Denver to snag a brook trout.  It’s a pretty wooded stream and can be tough casting, so a short rod helps.  Dry flies will take most of the fish or a dry dropper set up.  I find it best to walk downstream as far as you want to fish, then get in the river and work slowly upstream not overlooking any spot that could hold a fish.  They are spread out and waiting for anything to land in the river.  While most days these fish are easy to catch, other days they seem to be non-existent in the river.  Switch up flies and don’t be afraid to add some movement to your flies if you can’t get a fish to rise to your fly.  Brook trout love movement and can often be the trigger for a strike regardless of the fly.

Mayflies, midges, stones and caddis all exist up here so your standard small stream flies should work great with a few droppers and a wooly bugger or two to make your day a success.  Practice catch and release in this area as it can get fished alot and I know some people take fish from here, but it’s a very special resource and needs some extra control.  Go higher up into vasquez or st louis creek to find and keep a brookie.