piney-river-2The Piney river is a place where you can catch all four major species of trout.  In the lower parts rainbows and browns exist and above the reservoir you can catch mostly brook trout and if you’re lucky a cutthroat.  A small stream with small fish and big scenery.  This is a place to get away for the day that is different than the usual places you fish and is worth exploring.  You won’t find any monster fish here, but you can find some great water and good memories.  There is a meadow section above the lake that’s a lot of fun to fish.

The Piney River is a great, yet fairly technical fishery that flows into the middle section of the Colorado not far off from I-70.  A decent drive to access to upper reaches yields speechless views of the mountains and grasses that move like ocean waves in the wind.  The wary trout on this stream are likely the only thing more beautiful than the views sporting brook trout as the primary fish and rainbows and browns in sections of the river as well.

Flows need to be decent for this river to fish well.  It can be tough when flows are low, but when they are up during mid summer, the fishing is good to excellent.